Bible Sunday-22nd February, 2015
Bible Sunday was celebrated on 22nd February, 2015 in our Parish. The Bible was taken in procession and placed on a decorated lectern.  It was enthroned at a special Mass on Saturday, 21st February at 7:00 pm.  A prayer was said for the Bible Cell Association and each member of the Bible Cell was blessed at this Eucharistic Celebration.  The importance of reading and living the Bible in the family and as part of personal prayer was stressed on in the homily and the prayer of the faithful.

The Bible Cell and the 3Bs
The Bible Cell organized the 3Bs- Bible, Bible Quiz and Bhelpuri, on Sunday, 22nd February, 2015 at 7:00 pm. This actually turned out to be 3Xs – Excellent, Exceptional, Extra-ordinary.  The Theme chosen was, ‘Build Your Life on JESUS’. The evening began with a short opening prayer by Fr. Bernard the Parish Priest followed by a Bible Quiz. The groups at each table were identified by a quality or a virtue essential for every true Christian Family to transform itself into a little Domestic Church. The quality that described the group at each table were ‘Loving, Patient, Understanding, Gentle, Forgiving, Prayerful, Kind, Generous’. Through a power point presentation the model of every Christian family, the Trinitarian Family – The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit was depicted.  We were encouraged to imitate this Family by reading and living the Bible. Each group enacted a skit which brought out the ‘quality’ assigned to it which was related to a corresponding story or a parable from the Old or New Testaments. This story or parable was presented through a power point after the quality was expressed in the family, through the skit. All the participants sang the famous action song, ‘The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock’ and were reminded that we needed to build our lives on ‘JESUS’,  so as to be strong and firm in our Faith. We were taught how to understand and use the Bible effectively and wisely to better our lives through the steps given as the ‘Rs’ in understanding the Bible, which are as follows:
1.   Read
2.   Reflect
3.   Realize
4.   Respond:  a) Resolve b) Restore c) Reorder
Using these steps the ‘Rs’ offer, we will be able to change our lives and make a difference wherever we are.
Just as Jesus helps us to sort out the puzzles in our lives if we only allow Him to enter’ the group put together the pieces of a jigsaw given to us, which read, ‘Build Your Life on Jesus’.  With this we came to the end of the 3Bs and Fr. Sunil, the Spiritual Director of the Bible Cell concluded with a prayer.
Thanks to Livia and the Bible Cell for enriching us in faith and for all the other arrangements.