Altar Servers

Altar Servers, originally only boys but today girls as well, assist the celebrant priest(s) at Mass in the liturgy and celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The aim is to inculcate in each child a love of Christ and an appreciation of the Catholic faith from an early age.

At St. Theresa’s we welcome and encourage students in the 9 – 15 year age group to take an active part as altar servers. The main requirement is a willingness to serve at Mass and to be present 15 minutes prior to the start of the Eucharistic celebration.

Altar servers receive training on how to assist the priest, how to behave during Mass, and how to participate in the liturgy, by which they set an example for the congregation. The training includes an explanation and sharing of the Gospel, the meaning and use of various vessels and vestments (e.g. the colours specific to a day), interactive discussions and a quiz.

The training is conducted at meetings held every Saturday at 5:30pm in the Altar Server’s Room. The server appointments for the week are listed on the Altar Server’s Notice Board.

Servers are required to be well behaved, personally clean and neatly dressed for Mass. The vestments they wear should be carefully preserved. Servers are rewarded with an annual picnic, still to be scheduled.

The altar servers are managed by Bernadette Fernandes (tel. 98926-94736) and Richard D’Silva (tel. 98190-97450). The priest in charge is Fr. Sunil Menezes.