Family Cell

The Family Cell at St. Theresa’s was founded in 2005. Its goal, as defined by the Archdiocesan Family Commission and Synod of 2002, is to empower families and enrich parish family life.

The Family Cell is charged with assisting families to develop and maintain their spiritual, social and psychological health and well-being, so that homes are truly havens of love, peace and joy.

The Family Cell strives to fulfil its objectives through various educational and social activities. These include talks by experts on various topics of interest to couples, parents and children.

Examples of such presentations are those on Spirituality, Parenting, Building Strong Husband-Wife Relationships, Family Life Education, and Keeping Romance Alive in Marriage. Other activities include occasional get-togethers for couples and families.

The Family Cell meets regularly on the third Friday of the month at 7:45pm. The activities of the Cell are coordinated by Herman & Noreen Machado who can be contacted at tel. 98197-13739 or e-mail Fr. Titus James serves as Spiritual Director.


The parish Family Cell functions under the direction and guidance of the Archdiocesan Family Commission. All parish couples and families are invited to join.