Liturgy Team

The Liturgy Team strives to make the Liturgy more meaningful within the guidelines laid down by the Archdiocese of Bombay.

The team prepares the Prayer of the Faithful for the Sunday Eucharistic celebration, keeping in mind the feast of the day and the need to pray for various categories of people & causes.

A special liturgy is prepared for church calendar events such as Holy Week, the Parish Feast and Christmas, with a commentary on the different rituals conducted during the service.

The team helps coordinate the liturgy and other requirements for special occasions when services are held on the school grounds.

The team meets every alternate Wednesday after the evening Mass in the church upper room, or more often depending on the occasion and need.

The Liturgy Team currently has six members and is headed by Juanita Rodricks who can be contacted at tel. 92212-88418. The team is guided by its Spiritual Director, Fr. Titus James.

The team welcomes suggestions from all parishioners.