Ministry of Lectors & Cantors

The aim of the Ministry of Lectors & Cantors at St. Theresa’s is to make the Liturgical Service more meaningful and effective.

A Lector is a layperson who reads at a Eucharistic celebration. Any parishioner who has a strong desire to proclaim the Scriptures and is willing to prepare themselves is welcome. Preparation is spiritual, scriptural and practical. All current and new lectors are provided with periodic training and guidance.

A Cantor is one who encourages the congregation to sing at a Eucharistic celebration. An attitude of openness and encouragement, together with a ear for music, are important.

We meet once a quarter as a group. The exact date and time is announced two weeks in advance. Our spiritual director is Fr. Sunil Menezes.

For further information, please contact Aloise (tel. 98200-57725 or or Christine (