S.C.C. Movement

The Small Christian Community (SCC) movement has its origins in the Bombay Priests’ Synod of 1980 which declared that every parish in the Archdiocese should strive to build small communities of the faithful, much like the early Church. The movement gained momentum in 1984 under the guidance of Bishop Bosco Penha and today almost every parish in the Archdiocese is structured on SCC lines.

The SCC movement at St. Theresa’s has grown in strength since its parish founding in 1992. Today, the parish has 21 SCCs, representing geographic and linguistic groups, which energize and nurture the spiritual fervor of the faithful through prayer, service and cultural activities at the local level.

The goal of our parish SCCs is to create an environment that enables parishioners to live Christ-like lives and achieve the parish Vision of being a sharing, caring, serving and praying community in the Power of the Risen Lord.

The SCC movement at St. Theresa’s is coordinated overall by Bertille Mendoza (tel. 99872-21535 or bertille28@gmail.com) and Farida Farias (tel. 2640-2178 or farlinent@hotmail.com) with guidance from Spiritual Director, Fr. Bernard Rodrigues. Each of the parish’s four zones is headed by a Zonal SCC Coordinator, guided by a Zonal Pastor and assisted by local area Councilors and Animators.

The parish SCC Steering Committee meets every alternate month on the 3rd Friday of the month at 7:45pm in the School Council Room, subject to change in case of unavoidable circumstances.
All parishioners are welcome and urged to participate actively with their respective SCCs as a means of getting to know and support one another in the neighborhood.