Theresian Youth Movement

The Theresian Youth Movement caters to the needs of parish youth in the 16 – 22 year age group. The movement was originally started by a few energetic and enthusiastic teenagers who would come together to play and plan activities for the other youth of the parish.

The TYM has grown since then and today provides our youth with a healthy forum where they can be themselves, showcase their skills and talent, and grow by learning from one another’s experiences. It serves as a safe and comfortable oasis amidst today’s fast-paced world of digital media, entertainment and other distractions.

The TYM conducts a number of fun activities geared towards youth of all ages. The Summer Club for example provides an avenue for children and teenagers to enjoy their holidays with games and tournaments. Jingle All the Way is a similar fun-filled event held at Christmastime. In addition, there are singing and dance competitions held during the year.

The TYM also organizes spiritual activities such as Night Vigils, which many acknowledge have touched and transformed their lives; and the youth-oriented Stations of the Cross, beautifully enacted through song and dance. Other spiritual activities include the New Year Thanksgiving Service, and productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, Jean Clad for Jesus, and so on.

Among its social activities, the group organized a day trip to Mangaon, a rural community in Raigad District adopted by St. Theresa’s, which included extensive interaction with the tribal children there.

The group is led by a team of Youth Animators who assist in its smooth functioning. Fr. Sunil Menezes serves as Spiritual Director and guide. The group meets every alternate Thursday at 7:45 pm to decide on and plan for forthcoming events.

A smaller forum within TYM is Christ Café, initiated and led by Royston Braganza. The forum serves as a platform for interactive discussions on spiritual and general topics of interest to the youth. Christ Café meets every Wednesday at 7.30 pm in the Council Room.

The TYM welcomes all youth, as working together as a team we can make this a vibrant and lively parish. For further information, please contact Thelma D’Silva at tel. 98196-11173.