Vision Team

The Vision Team is the editorial body that writes, edits and publishes the parish bulletin, assists with the website, and advises on other parish communication needs.

The team strives to publish the bulletin around the middle of every alternate month. To meet this deadline, the team requires that all submissions be in latest by the 30th of the prior month, so as to enable time for editing, proof-reading, layout, design and printing.

The team welcomes articles and reports from parish ministries, associations, cells, groups and individuals. Activity reports should be concise (150~200 words max) and immediately follow the event, so that news coverage of parish activities is timely and relevant.

The team also invites all ministries, associations, cells and groups to submit details of their planned upcoming activities for publicizing in both print and online formats.

The team reserves the right to edit, revise, re-write, hold over or reject any submission.

The team welcomes any parishioner with a talent for writing and/or editing to join as a contributor and team player. The team is guided by its Spiritual Director, Fr. Sunil Menezes.

For further information, please contact editor Sheila Fernandes at tel. 98206-98188 or e-mail, or Yorick Fonseca at tel. 98195-52968.