It was a beautiful evening which began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 6:00pm. At the beginning of the Mass all married couples entered the church in a procession, followed by the celebrants and accompanied to music by a wonderful choir.

The concelebrants were Frs. Bernard, Titus and Biju. Fr. Coleman the main celebrant began the Mass with a short message, “Love means to say ‘I am Sorry’ and I forgive You’.

The homily preached was on the Prodigal son but with a twisted ending. In the parable Jesus told, the Father accepts the son willingly and with unconditional love. In the homily, however, the father does just the opposite. Instead of welcoming the son with unconditional love, he grudgingly accepts the son laying down certain conditions.

Here Fr. Coleman, wanted to bring home a point with a moral. He pointed out that, very often married couples who, when one partner defaults, instead of the other accepting and loving the spouse unconditionally, resort rather to tactics of making that partner feel guilty in a grudging manner and stressed that this should be avoided to restore mutual love.

During the Mass the couples renewed their vows of togetherness, faithfulness and love and sealed it with a kiss.

Fr. Titus spoke about the modern day marriages and same sex marriages which were followed by a small clip on couples who have completed 50 years of marriage and more. Each couple threw light on their married experiences. They agreed that although they did have ups and downs as they travelled along in their journey of wedded life it was prayer that strengthened them at all times.

The Mass ended with a special prayer for couples and a special blessing invoked on all married couples.

After the Mass, the celebrations began emceed by Glen Coutinho. A cake was cut by a couple who had completed 59 years of married life together with the youngest couple in terms of married years. The function was well attended. There were games and music and dancing and delicious food. The couples had a wonderful time together. Frs. Bernard, Titus and Anil participated in the function and made the occasion a memorable one.

Thanks to Herman and Noreen Machado and to all the other Family Cell members and the Fathers for this great celebration put together for the married couples of our parish. We specially thank Frs. Titus and Biju and Deacon Francis who came home to shoot the video and not only brought a lot of sunshine and joy with their presence but brought back many sweet memories shared by the married couples. We wish them along with Fr. Sunil who handled the presentation, a bright and holy future. Thanks to Fr. John for the use of the school hall premises for this grand occasion.