Bombay Catholic Sabha


St.Theresa’s Parish Unit,  St.Theresa’s Road          

TPS III, Bandra –West , Mumbai 400050

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the St.Theresa’s Parish Unit of the
Bombay Catholic Sabha will be held on Sunday 28th June 2015 at 11 am in the Church Council Room…. ie after the 10 am morning mass at St.Theresa’s Church, Bandra.


1)    To confirm the minutes of the General body meeting of the Unit that was held on 30th June 2014.
2)    To adopt the Annual Report and Audited Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st
March 2015.
3)     Appointment or Continuance of any members of the Executive Committee if so required.
4)    Confirmation of the continuance of the Hon. Internal Auditor.
5)    Consideration of any business brought forward by the Council or by the Committee.
6)    Consideration of any Resolution of which three clear days  notice in writing has to be given to the Hon.Secretary
7)    Any other business with the permission of the Chair.

Mrs. Theresa Aguiar.
Hon. Secretary
Mumbai , 10th June 2015.

I.    Copies of the Annual Report and Audited Statement of Accounts will be available for inspection at the Council Room of St.Theresa’s Church.
II.    Any Query on the Report / Statement of Accounts should be submitted in writing to the Hon. Sec latest by 24th June 2015
III.    All Sabha Members are eligible to attend the AGM of our Unit and should carry their Sabha ID card along with them.
IV.    If there is no quorum, the meeting will be adjourned for fifteen minutes and will proceed with the members present as quorum thereafter.


 St.Theresa’s Parish Unit,  St.Theresa’s Road

 TPS III, Bandra –West , Mumbai 400050
Annual Report for the year ended 31st March 2015

The Executive and Managing Committee of St. Theresa’s Parish Unit in Bandra Deanery is pleased to present its Annual Report and Audited Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2015.

Managing Committee Meetings: During the above period the Managing Committee met 11 times during the year. Additional preparatory meetings were held on a case basis for the events planned.

The Unit’s Membership details: as on date there are 1099 members. Three new members joined the Sabha during the last year.

Bandra Deanery Meetings:  Two Deanery meetings were held last year the first meeting was at the premises of St.Francis d’Assiss Church and the second meeting was at St.Theresa’s Parish Unit.

Mohalla Committee Meetings :  During the last year , no information was received by the Unit regarding the Mohalla Committee meetings that are supposed to be  held .

LACC Meetings with the BMC Corporator of Ward No 95: Meetings were held with the ‘Nagarsevak’ of Ward No 95 on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays by default at the YMCA compound off Carter Road sea face.  Various Civic issues were taken up and dealt with the BMC officials.

Independence & Republic Day  Flag Hoisting ceremony:  The National Flag was hoisted on both days after  the 7.00 am mass followed by a prayer service and fellowship.

Interaction with Bandra & Khar Police Stations: A committee member from the Unit has been interacting with Khar & Bandra Police Stations for obtaining various permissions as required for the Church and School on a case to case basis.

Appointment as NGO’s representative in the  H- Ward Committee of the BMC :   Subsequent to a personal interview & there after submission of the three years Annual Report  along  the guidelines of the Twelfth Schedule ( Article 243W ) added by the Constitution of India ( 74th  Amendment )Act,1992,  S. 4.
The undersigned was informed about the selection as NGO rep in the Ward Committee vide letter No: CH/149/Prabhag Samiti dated 7th July 2014.

Ward Committee Meetings:  This meeting is held on a monthly basis at H West – Ward and chaired by the Chairperson of the Ward Committee. Important Civic issues are discussed and auctioned as planned. Viz Demolishing the Ramp outside SRK’s bunglow i.w.o Cement Road leading to Mount Mary’s Basilica, Development Plan 2034, Town & Street Vendor’s Act & implementation of its Policy, 4 G Mobile Towers , Encroachments & Hawkers. Water Supply, Gardens & Parks

State Government Minority Scholarship Scheme :
Our Parish Unit held a presentation on the various scholarship schemes meant for the welfare of Minorities. It was held on Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 7.30 pm in the Parish Office.  The parishioners and Students were informed through Church announcement that this facility being available for school & college students till PhD level.
Our guest speaker Varun David agreed to preside, due to inclement weather the attendance of students at the presentation was discouraging and pathetic only 4 students attended.

Senior Citizens Card: Two booklets of application forms were purchased from Dignity Foundation  86 forms were sold and 42 cards were cleared and handed over to the parishioners  about 3 cards were rejected due to technical reasons.

Fun & Food Fiesta 2014 :  This fund raiser event was held on 1st May 2014 . A cheque for Rs 7790 /- this being  10% Share of the profits to Central Unit was given to Hon. Treasurer from Center.

Catholic Sabha Christmas Bazaar 2014 :   A Christmas bazaar designed to get parishioners into the spirit of Christmas season. This event was held on the Church lawns featured tables selling an assorted variety of snacks, sweets, cooked foods and jewellery. A Santa’s corner, a childrens fancy dress and hat competition were some attractions on stage. The Pauline Sisters put on a scintillating performance of Christmas Carols which included a walk around with the Holy Family this was followed by a musical performance by blind participants from the Divine Charitable Trust A.P.

The Units Scholarship Award to the most Deserving Student :   Four students applied and were awarded the Units scholarship award for passing the SSC & HSC exams in 2014 . a Cheque for Rs 1000 /- along with a certificate of appreciation was presented to each of the awardees. The award ceremony was held during the Christmas Bazaar event.

Squatters Removed :   During the months of Oct – Nov of last year there was a sudden influx of squatters who had settled down on the footpath along the North – side boundary wall of our Church. Their squabbling presence was a cause of anxiety to all. Before matters got out of hand the parish Unit of The B C S took up this matter with the concerned authorities and ensured that the squatters were removed.  Our appreciation and thanks to the Dy. Mayor of Mumbai, Police Control Room, Khar Police Station and Police Officers of Khar Beat No 1 for their timely assistance .
This matter was also raised at the BMC ward committee meeting in January 2015 as it is observed to be recurring at a few other locations in Bandra and Santacruz suburbs.

Unit’s Family Day :  The Units family day was held on 26th October 2015 at Laurus Resort Titvala Thane District  …. 15 persons attended the event.. a meeting was held and events for the year was discussed and  planned.

‘Stop the Hate Campaign’: The central Unit sent a memorandum to the Prime Minister on Subject: Stop the Malicious Hate Campaign and attacks on Christians and other minorities in the Country by your Ministers and Party Associates. A signature drive to support this STOP HATE CAMPAIGN was organized after each Holy Mass; additional forms were made available in the Parish Office during the week.

The “Christians for Peace” Solidarity Rally:   This was organized by the Bombay Catholic Sabha and the Indian Christian Voice, it was held on Mon. 9 Feb. at Azad Maidan. The rally was attended by thousands of Christians and others from of all denominations to protest against the recent spate of attacks on Christian places of worship and institutions. The Government’s stoic silence till then had left many feeling helpless & ignored. The rally was addressed by several prominent speakers including Bishop Agnelo Gracias, Fr.Frazer Mascarenhas (Principal, St. Xavier’s College), Abraham Mathai (former Vice Chairperson of the Minorities Commission), Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat (former Chief of Naval Staff), Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi (Senior Shia cleric) and Gordon D’Souza (President, BCS).
As citizens of India we are guided by the Constitution of INDIA. A right to profess the religion of our choice is enshrined in our Constitution. In spiritual matters, we follow the guidelines of our religion.  Why then, they asked, are we being targeted? As Christians, it is imperative that we continue to be alert and speak out, and also support those who uphold the secular fabric of our country.

The Human Chain  “We are One” :  
The Bombay Catholic Sabha along with other groups and NGO’s had organized a Human Chain   “We Are One “along the arterial roads of our city on Saturday 14th March from 6 pm to 6.15 pm. The slot allotted to our Parishioners from St. Theresa’s and St. Anne’s is to line up along the west side S.V. Road from Khar Traffic Police chowki till the traffic signal at Tata Blocks. The Archdiocese urged all to participate and extend support to this silent protest. So as to emphasize that divisive politics, hate speeches, vandalism of places of worship and communalization must STOP, as this is taking our Country backwards. …. The Parishioners were urged to assemble in large numbers in order to express our concern and dislike towards the present Government for desecrating our Churches and communalization of the Country.  We appreciate the efforts taken by the P.O.B members of the Sabha in obtaining Police permission and Press coverage for the event

Draft Development Plan ( 2014 – 2034)
The Parish Unit of The BCS organized a public meeting on the 9th April 2015 at St.Theresa’s High School, Hall. External speakers from different faculties shared their views; hence awareness was created with our parishioners.
Pankaj Joshi Executive Director from U.D.R.I spoke on the historical background of this Plan and the importance of having a working D.P as this would improve the quality of our lives. We were informed   about the glaring and unpardonable mistakes created by the consultants, which were subsequently overlooked by the BMC Authorities before bringing it out into Public Domain.
David Cardoz Member of the Mumbai Heritage Committee spoke about the DP 2034 and explained about the different kinds of reservations applied to plots and an insight how to interpret the Plan with respect to the legend of the Drawing. The importance of colour codes in the drawings and its applications. In a nutshell the important items to watch out are.. Reservations applied to plots of land and Proposed Road Widening to our roads, Sanctioned Road Line (R L) or Proposed New Road.
Nicholas Alameida, Social Activist ex BMC Councilor spoke on the subject of the Holy Cross items of ancestral and heritage importance about the gaothans, how the present draft DP would affect the simplicity and disturb the harmony of the existing life.
There was a Interactive Question & Answer session, due to paucity of time only a few selected important points of concern were discussed.
The 60 day notice period for suggestions and objections is an opportunity for citizens to voice their opinion on the future of Mumbai It is imperative for parishioners and citizens to take action immediately. Every Parishioner must object, petition, raise your voice and reclaim your city.  It is desirable that each individual should raise their objections and suggestions and personally submit them to the BMC authorities before the 24th April 2015.

Sabha Day 2015 : The Parish Unit of The Bombay Catholic Sabha had submitted a letter of objection dated 9th January 2015 along with incriminating evidence in respect of a controversial candidate nominated for Power of One Award. Since there were many objections raised by individuals from all quarters on this subject the candidate was disqualified from the list.
The Power of One Award was given to Ms. Anita Lobo from St. Andrew’s Parish Bandra, for Exemplary Courage shown in the line of duty as a Traffic Warden.

Encroachment along the Church Boundary Wall junction of 26th & 32nd Road TPS III :
Since 1994, there are hawkers parked alongside the church boundary wall. One of them operating in the name of ‘Phatak Bhel Puri Stall’ has a license for a ‘Stationery Hand Cart’.   They possess a TRANSFER CASE – S H C License No: 149 dated 02-07-2011 issued in the name of the wife Uma Vinaykumar Phatak  as  the Original Licensee Vinay Kumar Phatak has expired on 11-10-2009.
On 30th Nov, 2012, The License Dept, of BMC served them a 48 hours Notice to shift  the SHC to their correct designated R.A. Adv. Mohd. Muquim Khan from MMK Associates representing the hawkers filed an S.O.S letter with the corporation on 1st December 2012 and admitted this matter in the Dindoshi Goregaon Court, Borivili Division vide B.C.C.C suit No 2697/2012 dated 4th December 2012. The matter came up for hearing on 5th December in Court Room No 7 on the 5th Floor and after hearing both sides, the presiding Judge Shri. A A Garde granted them Interim Relief.

First Hearing Date 01-02-2013
Next Hearing Date 07-07-2015
Court No & Judge 7 – Ad – Hoc (H.H.J. SHRI. V.D.Nimbalkar)

Until date the matter has come up on the board nine times leaving a gap of three / four month’s interval between dates. Details of court proceedings on specific dates pertaining to the case are available on the internet. In view of the inordinate delays in the case, frequent transfers of the judge and Advocates, total lack of concern shown by the BMC pleaders.

It will be prudent that the Church or the Sabha is a party to the case and file a petition / prayer  in Court requesting the Judge to invoke the Supreme Court judgment and have the Case dismissed from the Dindoshi Court ( Borivili Division ) at Goregaon  OR alternatively in view of the Street Vendors Act 2015 being implemented. The Hawker can be relocated to a new Hawking Zone as designated by The BMC … As this matter is now subjudice for this a Court Order would need to be in place to enable BMC authority’s action the relocation of the hawker.

BMC permission for beautification of the footpaths along the boundary wall of the Church :
There is a BMC permission in place and in custody with the Parish Priest to beautify the footpath with potted plants alongside the boundary wall of the Church i.w.o the encroachment caused by the hawker. Letter No: H/W/3159/AEM/ dated 07-12-2012 is valid for three years from the date of issue refers on this subject.  i.e. valid until 6th Dec, 2015.

Ivan Lemos.


Theresa Aguiar

Hon. Secretary
1)    To the Parish Priest Fr. Bernard Rodrigues and his pastoral team of St.Theresa’s Church for providing infrastructural support for all our events including the use of the Council Room for our meetings.
2)    To the Spiritual Director Fr. John Mascarenhas for his guidance and support.
3)    To the President and the P.O.B Members of the Central Unit and Bandra Deanery for supporting us in our events.
4)    To the Parish Pastoral Council and all the Laity groups from the Parish for their whole hearted support and cooperation extended to the Unit
5)    To the Managing Committee members of the Unit for being supportive in the affairs pertaining to the Sabha.

The Bombay Catholic Sabha (BCS) was established in January 1989 under the patronage of the then Archbishop of Bombay, Simon Cardinal Pimenta. The BCS is a registered NGO or Non-Governmental Organization and is affiliated to the All India Catholic Union.

The vision of the BCS is “to create a just society through involvement in social, civic and political affairs.” To that end, the BCS engages in civic and political activism so as to represent the wider interests and concerns of the Christian community.

The Sabha provides a number of outreach services at both the central and parish unit levels. This includes assistance with applying for government scholarship schemes for minorities, facilitating loans for business and higher education, registration for jobs as part of the Sabha’s employment bureau function, assistance with obtaining Govt. of India Aadhaar cards, State Govt. senior citizen ID cards, and guidance for state authentication of marriage certificates.

The parish unit of the BCS organizes these and other activities at the local level, including a BCS scholarship award for the most deserving male and female students at the SSC and HSC levels, flag-hoisting on Republic and Independence Days, and the celebrations around a special Bandra Deanery and Sabha Day.

The parish unit meets on the third Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the school Council Room. The unit follows required governance practices and maintains good financial records, an annual statement of which is released at the unit’s AGM held before the 30th of June each year.

The unit’s accounts are submitted to and rolled up with others at the central level, following which a consolidated statement is filed with the Income Tax authorities and the state Office of the Charity Commissioner.

The parish unit of the BCS is managed by Ivan Lemos, chairperson; Oscelyn Farias, vice president; Theresa Aguiar, honorary secretary; and Clement Sutari, honorary treasurer; and supported by an able & dedicated team of committee members. Spiritual Director is Fr. John Mascarenhas.

For further information, please contact Ivan (tel. 97573-16549, e-mail or Theresa (tel. 98207-91231, e-mail or Oscelyn (tel. 98209-40432, e-mail